I am a photographer, graphic designer and web designer based in Austria. Welcome to a dark and twisted world, which is full of weird imaginations, extreme music, contrasted by exciting incidents and colorful photographs.

Can you handle it?

This is what I do

Live Music Photography

I have been taking pictures of live concerts and working with huge numbers of rock and metal bands since many years. Because of that, I was able to collect experience, which has changed my way to work as a professional photographer in many ways positively. Live Music Photography is my greatest passion and also SHOOTHER’s main focus. I have a lot of fun at visiting live gigs, meeting the bands and capturing some great moments of their shows from the stage.

Tour Photography & Band Portraits

Depends on the request, I am also free to accompany the bands on tour and capture their tour life from the stage and behind the stage. I have been traveling with many bands already, whenever it’s for the whole tour or just for some days. A concert tour always is a great memory for artists. I put a lot effort to take great shots of each situations all day long. In addition to this service, I create band portraits for their promotional needs.

Graphic Design

I create designs and illustrations for any kind of prints and online presentations. It’s a big part of my work. I started to draw since forever and I have trained myself to create illustrations on my own way. After mixing my addictions to artworks and Photoshop together, I’ve found my love to this hobby and worked on my skills in an elite Graphic Design high school. A design isn’t just some colors and fonts, and it’s far beyond than just a pretty image. For an effective presentation, the result should follow function and foster communications.

Web Design

A good website is not only a result of a well structured and great looking design, but also the functionality of itself. Over these years, I have gained a lot of experience designing and building responsive websites, whenever it’s about a static page or dynamic CMS like Joomla or WordPress. I have developed a personal approach to testing different solutions that has brought me to design mostly in the browser.


Let me know if you need stunning pictures or great designs. Or just say hello for a small talk!

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